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Case Studies

Piller’s Fine Foods

A leader in the Canadian food industry, Piller’s needed a robust and efficient compressed air system in order to deliver top-quality products and maintain their competitive advantage in an extremely aggressive industry.

Client Testimonial

Our process requires a steady supply of food-grade compressed air. Compressed air is a critical utility to our business operations. We have had a business relationship with Airmax for 15 years now and we look forward to mutual growth and the continuance of our valued partnership. 

Brian Taylor

Piller’s Fine Foods

The Challenge

Piller’s Fine Foods is a leading-edge player in the Canadian food industry. They produce top-quality products through processes requiring large amounts of food-grade compressed air.

The Solution

Airmax has built and maintained a compressed air system that meets Piller’s strict demands to meet H.A.C.C.P. regulations and maximized up-time.

The Result

Every time you and your family enjoy Piller’s Fine Foods’ products, you’re eating food produced with compressed air from Airmax.

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