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Case Studies

Hadrian Mfg.

Client Testimonial

We have been engaged in endeavors to be more environmentally-sustainable and to save money on hydro. Airmax carried out a compressed air energy audit and then guided us through the process of taking advantage of government grants. This all lead to a savings of 50% on brand new Atlas Copco air compressors and a very significant drop in our energy consumption. 

John Groff

Hadrian Manufacturing

The Challenge

We met with our customer, Hadrian Mfg., and discussed what we felt would be a worthwhile project for the purpose of saving hydro and procuring new equipment at a fraction of the retail cost by taking advantage of certain government grants.

The Solution

Airmax initiated a compressed air audit and delineated some key areas of wasted compressed air.

The Result

Hadrian cut their hydro cost for compressed air by 35% and acquired two new air compressors at 50% of the regular net price.

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