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Air Audits

An Air Audit from Airmax means that you have full visibility regarding your air compressor system performance. Now you’ll have the power to change.

With a little help from your friends at Airmax, you can implement a complete compressed air energy management program.

Our roadmap to your successful air audit

  1. We have a Strategy Planning and Discovery Meeting with you at your site
  2. We install audit equipment for up to three compressors at your your site
  3. We assess the thermal mass flow pressures dew point and kilowatts consumed in your system
  4. We compile the data and generate a comprehensive report that reveals potential cost-savings and efficiencies
  5. We meet with you to discuss our findings and the opportunities and recommendations for long term cost savings

We produce measurable results

Ask us about an Air Audit for your facility. We are experienced in measuring and generating data related to all components of an air audit:

  • Thermal-Mass Flow Metering
  • Pressure Profiling
  • Kilowatt Profiling
  • Ultrasonic Leak Detection
  • Dew Point Profiling
  • Oil Content Testing
  • Testing for Suitability as Breathing Air (CSA standard Z180.1)

We can consult you and assist you in applying for OPA grants for energy efficient retro-fits that can result in a 50% reduction in the capital cost of new equipment.

Information is everything when it comes to your compressed air efficiency.

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